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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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relief tonight for passengers emerging from a flight to the bay area. they say they endured triple digit heat onboard. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. passengers on a packed plane headed for the bay area this weekend say they had to endure a grueling delay in a very hot aircraft. the flight was headed for oakland, but it was delayed for two hours under the hot sun in
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phoenix, with passengers onboard with little, or no air conditioning. their arrival tonight, and also how the airline is explaining the delay. >> reporter: frank, passengers tell me they were kept inside a hot airliner for two hours. they thought the problem was a broke air conditioner. it finally landed in oakland around 5:46 p.m. megan barber was greeted by her anxious parents. the couple tells me their daughter had texted them from the plane. >> she said remember if i die, i want my organs donated. >> we were getting texts from her, but she couldn't get off the plane. we felt pretty helpless. >> reporter: we learned it was 106 degrees at the oakland airport today. >> anytime your body gets
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overheated, you have the risk of getting a heat stroke. it was like being in a hot car. >> reporter: megan, a nurse herself, tells us she was especially concerned for the elderly and children onboard. there were 157 passengers onboard, and the delay was caused by maintenance issues, including a broken microphone. >> we're not able to run the engine for the aircraft while it's sitting at a gate. so the ac that pumps into the aircraft from the ground power is not quite as strong as you would get from an engine aircraft. >> reporter: another passenger says the flight crew was accommodating, and did what they could. >> they kept us as comfortable as possible. they gave us a free drink of our choice. >> i don't know if i would fly them again. they're good prices, but i don't know if it's worth it. >> reporter: a couple of passengers who insisted on
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getting off the plane instead of waiting caused further delays. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. and more details now. the airline passenger bill of rights limits tarmac delays to three hours, but some exceptions are allowed for security and reasons related to air traffic control. passengers stuck on the tarmac must be given adequate food and water after two hours and the lavatories must be in working order. some visitors to the state fair in sacramento got more than they bargained for, when they got stuck on a monorail ride. it lost power, leaving people stranded above the fair grounds. they safely evacuated everyone, but not before the riders had some exciting moments. >> i was freaking out. >> some people were lowered down with a mechanical lift, while firefighters helped others to climb down the ladder. no one was hurt, and there's no
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word yet on why that ride lost power. continuing coverage now of the bay area protests that followed the acquittal of george zimmerman. tonight, a man hit in the face with a hammer during a demonstration says he isn't angry about what happened, but he is sad that an important message was lost in the violence. a waiter at flora restaurant says that on monday night, he and other staff members were standing outside the restaurant in an effort to keep protesters from breaking windows. he says he heard breaking glass, turned around, and told a man wearing a mask to stop. he says their eyes met for a moment, then the man hit him in the face. >> i never lost consciousness. i was still lucid, but i heard a loud hit.
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>> he is a native of oakland, and a musician. he says he's encouraged by the outpouring of support for himself, and for the restaurant. he also says he plans to return to work as of tomorrow. alameda county prosecutors charged three men today for crimes connected to those protests in oakland. two men, one from oakland, and the other from san jose are charged with vandalism. they're accused with smashing windows at the men's warehouse. as oakland business owners make repairs, the police chief is reaching out to them to repair relations damaged during the protest. business owners complain that police did not do enough to prepare for the protest. interim police chief, met with downtown business owners today. he was joined by other city leaders, including the alameda county district attorney, who offered this explanation for opd. >> i think they're overwhelmed.
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that's why we're having this meeting. >> we'll take whatever steps are necessary to make sure there's enough cops out there. >> police say they're using amateur video and surveillance video to try to determine who is responsible for the vandalism. >> in just the past 15 minutes, oakland police sent us video of protesters they would like to identify. we're working on that right now, and will show you the photos coming up at 10:30. a young defendant in a child abuse case sobbed and shook in court today. the 20-year-old is suspected of molesting a 6-year-old girl at a childcare center where he worked. >> reporter: 20-year-old nicholas lhermine was charged
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with lewd and luciferous conduct with a 6-year-old girl. >> right now, i feel a lot of anger, a lot of anger towards the legal system, justice the way they treat him. if you know the kid like i know him, it's just not right. >> reporter: the courtroom atmosphere got more tense after the judge pointed out lhermine faces 15 years to life in prison if convicted, and ordered him not to have any contact with any victims in the case. then had him held without bail. >> the charges themselves are extremely serious, and the alleged conduct is very scary. >> reporter: morgan hill police say it is still interviewing children who had contact with lhermine. it is making the fight an emotional roller coaster for his former coworkers. >> it's. you have the hard to see him in the situation and knowing these
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are possible charges placed against him. we absolutely support the investigation of the police department. >> he's a great kid, and i don't believe what they said happened happened. >> reporter: he is scheduled to return to the courthouse in one week to enter a plea. a fire burning in the remote area of the los padres forest. flames broke out near a buddhist monastery. cal fire provided us this photograph of the smoke taken from a plane. crews say the fire has destroyed 250 acres, and is burning in a very inaccessible area. in southern california, hundreds of people are being evacuated from their homes as a major wildfire burned southwest of palm springs. the wildfire started monday, and has grown to more than 22 square miles. so far it is just 10% contained. the cause is under
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investigation. the verdicts are scheduled to be read tomorrow in the trial of two men accused of being part of the 2009 gang rape on the richmond high school campus. they were tried together, but with separate juries. the jury for peter reached its verdict yesterday. the jury for montano made its decision this afternoon. the judge decided both verdicts would be read in court tomorrow. both men are facing a possible sense of life in prison if convicted. b.a.r.t. and its labor unions have about two and a half weeks to reach a deal before workers could strike again. john sasaki says he's learned the negotiations aren't going well, and b.a.r.t. commuters are dreading another walkout. >> reporter: the afternoon commute in oakland today saw countless people who depend on b.a.r.t. to get home and wherever else they need to go. >> i had a heck of a time getting to work. >> reporter: the looming possibility of another strike is weighing heavily on the
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minds of many. >> my hope is, that because i'm a constant b.a.r.t. rider is that it comes to a resolution. >> reporter: this is what it looked like earlier this month when there was no resolution, and b.a.r.t. workers went on strike for four days. no train service, and long lines. >> we still think there's plenty of time to get a deal done at the table before august 4. >> reporter: one union leader texted me and said management refuses to address our concerns. >> we feel pretty strongly that we work with our unions every day of the year, in order to come up with better safety procedures for our riders and for them. >> reporter: another strike wouldn't necessarily threatened safety, but it could harm his health. >> sometimes people already be suffering from road rage. and now you've got gridlock.
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can't get there, you're frustrated because you're spending more money than you should. >> reporter: union officials tell me they're ready to work round the clock to get this resolved. john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. new at 10:00, a celebration tonight in san francisco to honor the life of nelson mandela on the eve of his birthday. the former south african president was not only remembered for helping to rid south africa of apartheid, but also shepherding them through tough times. he's doing much better than he was several weeks ago. from san jose to san francisco, the getting more expensive to rent. new numbers reveal just how much more, and which city a lease will cost you the most. >> temperatures are on the rise. the going to get hot in some neighborhoods. i'll pinpoint what you can i'll pinpoint what you can sofa... desk...
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you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. the new issue of rolling stone magazine has a controversial cover picture of dzhokhar tsarnaev. ken wayne is live in burlingame and tells us about a national boycott and one reason it could
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backfire. >> reporter: in all about 20,000 retailers nationwide say they're not going to carry friday's issue, because of that controversial cover picture. it's where rock 'n' roll gods, movie stars, and hip politicians want to be. the cover of rolling stone. this week, it's the softened cover shop of a young man accused of carrying out the boston marathon bombings. it's left many, including boston's mayor seething. >> why do we want to publish a guy who's destroyed people's lives. >> the guy does come off looking like he could be the lead singer of an indie band. >> he wrote three dozen cover stories. >> although it hurts people deeply, especially in boston, and among the family and friends of the victims, the fact is rolling stone can't think that way. >> he says he understands the backlash. >> the problem is that with
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rolling stone, anybody on that cover is in a sense glamorized. but if they have done a solid job telling a story that needs to be told, about a horrendous tragedy and the person who apparently perpetrated it, then it's valid. >> at this burlingame bookstore, there's no debate about whether to carry the controversial issue. >> if it really offends you, don't buy it. that's the way we look at it. >> reporter: rolling stone has been down this road before, with a cover of charles manson and a nude john lennon and yoko ono. in the end, the magazine could end up selling more issues than before the controversy. live in burlingame, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. san jose police released statistics today showing overall crime is down in the first half of the year. but the number of homicides is
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up. police issued the crime report from january through june. it shows aggravated crime dropped about 10%. but there were 25 homicides in the 1st half of the year. that is an increase of 33%. gang related violence, though, is down nearly 16%. >> we're sending cite a few of them out there. those officers are accruing overtime. is it sustainable? no. everyone involved understands that. right now though is when it's needed. >> san jose police plan to keep an increased number of officers in that gang suppression unit at least through the summer. a transient well known to police is behind bars tonight, suspected of setting that fire at a seed store. investigators say surveillance video hoes steve barton edmonds
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starting the fire. edmonds has been arrested, or cited more than 70 times for various crimes, including public intoxication, vandalism, and battery. bail is set at $1 million. a redwood city couple displaced by apartment fire 10 days ago, is suing the company that owns the building. george and juanita chavez claims the company that owns the building was negligent and that the apartment complex did not have sprinklers or other devices to safeguard against the fire. the family of a missing toddler from oakland had a prayer vigil to mark the one week that has passed since she was first reported missing. the pleas from both of the child's parents. >> reporter: frank, little daphne's father tells me tonight that he was here, earlier talking with investigators. he says tips are coming in, but
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no substantial leads, and the not knowing brought him and the girl's mother to tears tonight. >> bring her home safely. >> reporter: prayers and songs for a little girl who loved music, and bright colors. ♪ jesus came and laid his hands on me ♪ >> reporter: the mother sang a song in tribute to her daughter. ♪ [ music ] ♪ yes he came and laid his hands on me ♪ >> then kiana davis described the last week. >> you have no idea how heartbreaking this is. how devastating this is. there's no book written on how to deal with this. >> reporter: jesse's father was among the supporters. it was at the nearby convenience store where webb says he left the girl in his car with his elderly mother while he bought an energy
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drink. when he returned, he says the little girl was gone. >> we just want daphne home. that's all i'd like to say right now. i'm sad just like everybody else. >> reporter: police and volunteers have searched various parts of oakland, including a park near where the father lives. authorities have said neither parent is a suspect in the girl's disappearance. >> i'm just heartbroken. and i just wish they'd bring her back. >> reporter: friends and family have been passing out flyers and holding onto hope that the little girl is alive. >> we're very hopeful. we just want her to come home. we miss her. i miss her terribly. >> reporter: now little daphne had been living with her father after her mother was arrested in february for child endangerment. court records showed she had passed out in her car with little daphne in the backseat. she admitted to police she had consumed both vicodin and alcohol.
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the last time she saw daphne was about three weeks ago. a 91-year-old san francisco woman is missing after authorities say she walked away from the care facility where she had been living. tonight police released this photo of evelyn pilarsky. a bit of a warm up today. got to 85 in antioch. 86 in fairfield. there was fog this morning, but it burned off quickly. temperatures will come up another few degrees. we're going to see low 90s tomorrow. currently, 65 in concord. 63 in livermore. the first night it a couple of nights we've had 60s in the area. that's an indication you're
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going to be warmer tomorrow. as we go through the bay area microclimates tomorrow, you'll still find the 60s around the bay, and low to mid-70s. get over the hill, you start finding the mid-80s. you get the idea. a warming trend underway. how warm is it going to get? when i come back at 10:45, i'll have the forecast high for your neighborhood, an we'll go looking at the bay area weekend. up next, the big financial boost for a bay area airport. and in 8 minutes -- >> i was astounded when i heard the price. >> rising rents in the bay area. just how high, and why relief may
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googles plan to build its own aviation facility may have received support from the federal government today. among the improvements, wider taxiways that runs to the area where google wants to build its $82 million facility for its corporate jets. the project has been approved by the city of san jose, but is being challenged on environmental grounds. in marin county, the district says it needs the money to renovate and repair marin general hospital. about 40% of residents have kaiser healthcare and see doctors in san francisco and richmond, but the marin county healthcare district points out that in the event of an earthquake or other disaster, marin could be cut off from surrounding communities, putting more of a strain on
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marin general. foster kids start off with the odds stacked against them. the system itself leaves them vulnerable to one particular crime even after they become adults. >> reporter: foster children get help starting life on their own, as they age out of the system. they need to find a place to live, a job, and hopefully attend college. now many are also facing another unexpected road block. identity theft. >> it's just extra stress that no one needs. >> reporter: a former foster child told me this is a common problem. >> because we don't really have a support system. we're pretty much on our own? when do we go to to say, this person took my identity. you really have a hard time trusting people. >> reporter: about a third of all the foster youth who come through this program are victims of identity theft.
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a negative credit report can prevent them from getting a job or a place to live. their personal information passes through a lot of hands over the years. >> that makes them a prime target. >> reporter: identity thieves have bought homes, cars, and furniture using the names of bay area foster children. >> this is low hanging fruit. >> reporter: joaquin murphy with the alameda county consumer affairs department says state law calls for children's credit reports to be cleared before they leave the foster system, but the money just isn't there. >> nobody is currently doing it, even though it's mandated by law, there's no funding for it. we owe the foster children as a society to protect them. >> reporter: murphy tells me about half of all foster children will end up homeless after leaving the system. it's a tough transition, made even more challenging when they're identity has been stolen. alex savage, ktvu, channel 2 news. what would you do with 92
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quadrillion dollars? one man's surprise when he opened his pay pal account. >> up first, video just released by oakland police. they hope you can help identify this protester and two others. >> and a reminder, you can get ktvu [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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new at 10:00, within the last 40 minutes, the oakland police released photos and video of who they say took part
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in vandalism and protest. this appears to be a woman. she is wearing red pants and is spray painting the name trayvon martin in the street. this shows a man who got in a discussion with a driver. he kicks the car, putting a dent in the back of it. police want anyone who recognizes these people to please contact them. new video of a small, but peaceful protest on the streets of oakland at broad and 25th. members of the group, black young democrats hope to show the community that protests don't have to be violent. the bay area is home to rising rent, and they're going up faster than just about anywhere else in the country. live in san jose, where the average two bedroom two bathroom apartment costs $2,300 a month. rent here in the bay area hasn't just gone up, it's jumped twice as much compared
11:31 pm
to the rest of the country. this 26-year-old chiropractor student shares the apartment and rent with a roommate. >> it's going to go, they want us to renew it at 26, or $2,700 a month. i think it's like 950 square feet apartment. >> reporter: with his dog by his side, justin has started sniffing out other places, but can't find a better deal. san francisco had the highest rent increase in the country last quarter, hiking 7.8%. oakland came in at second, with rent going up 6.9%. san jose had the 5th highest rent hike in the country, jumping 5%. that doesn't surprise this renter. >> it doesn't because of how crowded up here. i think the location, location, location. >> there's a great deal of demand. >> reporter: joshua howard
11:32 pm
representing land owner it's andlandlords. >> classic supply and demand scenario is playing out in silicon valley, and san jose. there are quite a few renters chasing not a lot of apartments. however, there is relief in sight. >> reporter: relief in the form of at least 15,000 new apartment buildings being built. high rents signal more jobs especially in tech. but renters don't see this as any improvement to their expenses. ktvu, channel 2 news. the port of oakland is back in business tonight after the longshoreman's union staged a work stoppage that effectively shut down the port for most of the day. 1300 longshoremen decided to stand down late last night after 47-year-old union worker joy daniels died yesterday afternoon on the job. union officials say they believe daniels had a seizure, causing her to crash a truck. the local chapter president
11:33 pm
says it's standard practice to stand down for 24 hours after someone dies on the docks, but truck drivers waiting to unload containers were angry, because they were caught unaware. >> i'm sorry about it. but we don't know nothing about it. i'm here to you know work. try to do something. i've got a family to feed. >> because they couldn't get into the port, there was a huge backup of trucks that you see there. the local chapter president says he understands the frustration of the truckers, and is sorry that the stoppage caused them money. wall street managed to post narrow gains today. the nasdaq rose 11, ben bernanke testified the federal reserve has no set timetable for pulling back on its economic stimulus program. ibm reported revenue and net income dropped in the 2nd quarter. analysts see this as ibm struggling in the economy. shares of ebay dropped nearly
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6% after it reported 2nd quarter earnings. revenue was up, and ebay added more customers, but they were disappointed in the 8% decline in profit. a pennsylvania man was for a very short time, the richest man on the planet. at least on paper. christopher reynolds opened his pay pal statement and immediately noticed that he had more than 92 quadrillion dollars in his account. reynolds offered he would have offered to pay down the national threat, which is about $16 trillion. two dead crows have tested positive for west nile virus. the counties workers are asking residents to drain any standing water in pools or ponds, that could be a breeding location
11:35 pm
for mosquitoes. tonight at 10:45, a fruit fly is the target in another bay area county. the effort to eradicate the pests that could prove costly. in new news of the world in india, parents went on a rampage when 22 children died. authorities say the cooking oil used to prepare their lunch had been stored in a container that used to hold insecticides. the free lunch is part of a program to fight malnutrition. in argentina, a deal between the state energy company and chevron. the deal allows chevron to pursue the controversial practice of fracking in a reserve where one of the largest shale deposits is located. the protesters fear fracking will trigger an environmental
11:36 pm
disaster. in the leatherlands, treasured works of art stolen from a museum may be gone forever. the mother of one of three suspects says she burned the art to destroy the evidence against her son. the art was valued at $150 million, and included works about matise, monet, picasso, and others. ktvu and tv36 are proud to host a discussion tomorrow afternoon that will focus on improving the accuracy of reporting mental health. picture this, mental health in the san francisco bay area. it runs from 1:30 until 4:00, live streamed on morning news anchor dave clark will moderate the forum, which includes a panel of media representatives from across the bay area. just go to, click the link at the top of our home page, and watch it live. data on millions of drivers. in 10 minutes, the concerns being raised on new technology and how the data it gathers is
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stored. >> bill martin is back for his complete forecast. the warm up on the horizon. [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce, you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. [ rooster crows ] that's why safeway works closely with local growers.
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for the first time ever, a practicing muslim was chosen to join the board of regents. even before taking her seat, this newest regent was steeped in controversy. >> reporter: the pakistani american today became the university of california's
11:40 pm
first muslim student regent. >> it's really important for all of us to come together. >> reporter: it split regents and a number of jewish groups who say she is unfit to represent 230,000 students. >> her record is one of polarization. >> i think it's the -- >> the center criticized her for condemning tammy benjamin's 2012 speech on muslim student groups. >> i am not going to apologize for standing up and saying that it is not okay for someone to say that i am part of a terrorist organization. >> the outside criticism prompted one to withhold his
11:41 pm
vote. >> i'm not going to vote for her, but i'm not going to vote against. i'm just going to simply abstain because i am concerned, and i haven't learned enough. >> i will be doing a lot of outreach. >> reporter: she will have a two year run at student regent, with the ability to vote coming in her second year. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now, the regents made other decisions including freezing tuition for most graduate students. they also voted to raise fees by 8% for most nursing programs. that will increase the cost of a masters degree in nursing to $24,000 not counting books, room, or board. college students can breathe a little easier tonight, after congress struck a deal to head off big increases in interest on student loans. the agreement made today would
11:42 pm
maintain lower interest rates through the 2015 academic year, but rates could climb after that. for this fall, undergraduates should be able to borrow at a rate of 3.85%. caught on camera, a shark wrestler. the wild saddle to wrangle this 7-footer and a surprising end. >> a tiny bug causing a big bay area problem. >> i really, really hope they get it [ birds chirping ] [ reel clicking ] ♪
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commented on the protest or the workers claims. community farms have declared war in the south bay. their target is a tiny pest that could spell disaster for this summer's fruit and vegetable harvest. there is a veritable salad bowl growing right below the 101 freeway in san jose. >> this is the kind of soil we have. >> reporter: a not for profit 6- acre site. everyone is welcome in this shared space, except for these guys. the guava fruit fly. crews are in a slow speed chase with the guava fruit fly, spraying trees and polls with an insecticide laced mixture. they're targeting a 13 square mile area, trying to kill off the male flies before it's too
11:46 pm
late. >> the males are attracted to it, feed, and they're dead. without the males, the population collapses. >> reporter: in addition to fruits, the fruit fly has tomatoes on its menu, and this is the cash crop. >> this time they said that there was a larger potential for a quarantine, and that we would have to stop taking our produce off site and that made me extremely anxious. >> reporter: five more, and they'll declare a quarantine. the flies are not native. they likely hitched a ride with foreign workers. it takes more than scarecrows to keep these pests away. in san jose, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. countries across the country are compiling information on millions of
11:47 pm
drivers. the aclu says automatic license plate readers routinely scan license plates. the data can be stored indefinitely. police say it can be used to solve future crimes, but it can also track the movements of law- abiding citizens. the aclu acknowledges the information can be useful, but wants the technology regulated, so it isn't stored for weeks, months, or even longer. performers with cirque du soleil are back in los angeles 17 days after an acrobat fell to her death. she fell 90 feet during the closing scene of the show. she was the first performer to die in an on stage accident in the company's 29 year history. osha is investigating her death, and says the investigation could take six months to complete. one of san francisco's most recognizable landmarks is celebrating its 150th
11:48 pm
anniversary. the cliff house first opened in 1863 on a bluff above ocean beach on lands end. it's burned down several times only to be rebuilt. you can learn about the rich past tomorrow, it's holding a history day. san francisco's newest park opened today on the embarcadero. mayor ed lee was on hand for opening ceremonies. the city demolished pier 36, and drove out new pilings into the water and put in new seating for the 57,000 square foot park. ♪ [ music ] temperatures on the warm up, you knew that, they had to get warmer after monday and tuesday when numbers were very cool. low pressure has kept us on the cool side, but it's starting to be nudged westward. that fog out there now, the fog will be in most bay area neighborhoods by tomorrow
11:49 pm
morning. pushing across to berkely, and kensington. it's working its way toward fremont as well. you get the picture. the fog is out there now, but it's not as extensive as last night. the last few nights, concord has been in the upper 50s. a little less aggressive than it was last night, and the night before. a little warmer for you tomorrow. as we go into tomorrow, we're looking for mostly cloudy skies in the morning, and then clearing. thursday, a warmer day. the extended forecast, a warming trend that lasts right into the bay area weekend. tomorrow, thursday, a good 5, 8 degrees warmer than it was today. forecast model for fog shows, kind of, you know patchy fog, it will be there, a lot like this morning, maybe not as much, but it will be there, and then it burns back quickly. it does the reds, the 90s start working their way westward. a warmer temperature footprint than we've seen. it will continue to warm each day as we go into the weekend. this high pressure pushes the fog and low clouds right back to the coast.
11:50 pm
the going to be foggy at the coast. you will get that big spread from coast to inland. if you get too hot, head to the coast. inland bay valleys, you will easily find as we head into the weekend, you will easily find upper 90s. 92 in fairfield. 93 in antioch, and 93 in brentwood. still nice around the bay though. these numbers what you might expect for this time of year. i expect the 90s down in gilroy. i expect 78, 80 in fremont. maybe 82. then tomorrow, it starts to ratchet up from friday, saturday, and sunday, 80 in woodside. not a heat wave though. nothing like we saw a few weeks ago. the five-day forecast shakes out like this. 92, that's the hot spot. then 96 on friday. 98. that's probably the warmest day, saturday. the fire danger back on the table. air quality not as great.
11:51 pm
some kind of spare the air issue day as we get into friday or saturday. a more typical summer pattern. some pretty interesting video. a fisherman in nantucket, massachusetts, hooked a shark. rather than cut it loose, he decided to land it by hand. he says he's caught plenty of other sharks, as many as 100 over the past eight months. after reeling it in, he kept well clear of the teeth, and hung onto the tail. his friends took photos and videos. after he beached the shark with his bare hands, he released it back in the ocean. mark ibanez joining us. paul kaepernick in the news. >> you play in the nfl in this day and age, of social media, nothing goes unnoticed. if you're a quarterback, turn that thing up a few more
11:52 pm
notches. in his first year, kaepernick could do no wrong. helping the niners into the super bowl. hit his first dip in the road in the off-season, posing with a miami dolphins cap. something that did not go unnoticed by his teammates. including bowman. >> this is a huge mistake. i'm sure he understands that now. but in his defense, we're young. in our era, we like to match our snap backs with our outfits. the hats are very important to the outfits. cap, i understand what you did, but let's stay away from the nfl teams. the busy off-season continues for kap in l.a. the annual espy awards up against mike trout, yasiel puig for the break out athlete of the year. kaepernick is the recipient. the only team he talked about
11:53 pm
tonight was the 49ers. getting quite
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oh, yea, colin kaepernick, he is the breakout player of the year. but he wasn't about to cause me nor ruckus tonight in his acceptance peach at tonight's espy's in l.a. >> i want to thank my family for being there with me, and thank you to the ninners. >> didn't mention any other teams either. the school is making it
11:57 pm
sure it stays that way. into the foreseeable future. stanford is not revealing the number of years or zeros on the contract, but it's a long term deal. vandeveer has coached stanford for 27 seasons. just 6 victories shy of 900. only four other coaches in women's hoops have reached that standard. in the long run, it's probably for the best, but right now, no doubt, painful times for one of the great running backs out of cal. sensational player. released today, and his career most likely over. best sustained severe concussions. he hasn't played since 2011 after numerous medical tests. retirement probably his best option. that's the sporting life. his last game was against the
11:58 pm
49ers in detroit. just hit the helmet too hard, one to many times. long term, you care about him. thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the ktvu morning team will be monitoring the start
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> we ran into a very famous denver nugget last night. and he told us -- >> my name kenneth faried is a.k.a. the manimal. i'm a sexy player. >> actually he said he had a giant penis is what he said. [laughter] >> justin biebers friend just instagrammed photos from their boys' day yesterday. he has the world's most lickable abs. >> lickable abs? [l


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